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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 25, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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we will be carrying all of it as it hits the coast in texas. we thank you for being with us tonight on the story. we will see you back here on monday. tucker carlson takes us through the next hour. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: this is a fox news alert. hurricane harvey, now a category 4 storm, barreling tonight towards texas. it's the first significant hurricane to hit the southern united states in more than a decade. evening, welcome to tucker carlson tonight from brownsville, texas to lake charles, louisiana, thousands of americans have evacuated their homes tonight as they brace for potentially devastating flooding. we're going to have fox team coverage all along the coast for the duration of the hour and the night. but, first, fox news chief meteorologist rick reichmuth tracking hurricane harvey in the weather center setting the scene for us. rick? >> rick: hopefully hundreds of thousands of people have evach a large area going to be under the gun from the wind from the hurricane from the storm surge and then
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from the flooding rain over the next number of days. take a look at this. this is the visible satellite. we are at the last little image of it. but you get a very good idea of what that looks like. we will look at another viewpoint of this. we rarely have seen a storm like this with such a perfect circle, a perfect eye getting right there towards the coast, rockport, texas. this area between port la vok can a lavaca and corpus christi. stiewrge and winds now a category 4 strength. 130 miles per hour right about to get on to landfall. in fact, this padre island seashore here right there is that strongest winds and we are getting very, very close here towards the shore. the bad news is it has slowed down in its forward movement. that means that the effect that we're feeling with it are just going to last a lot longer. high pressure off towards the west of this, tucker, is going to stall this storm and likely push it backwards. so, for about a day or so it moves inland and take a look
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at this. we go towards saturday night it's moved in a little bit. still a hurricane tomorrow night. and then it pulls back across the shore. that's monday morning. take a look. tuesday, here we go. wednesday, the exact same spot. potentially dealing with a hurricane still. that is five days of this kind of rain. that is why we are expecting to see some rainfall totals likely over 4 feet and that is going to cause massive problems in the region. >> tucker: what a shame. rick, thanks. we will talk to you again in a minute. steve harrigan is in corpus christi tonight right on the gulf of mexico. steve, what do you see? >> tucker, we have seen things get worse here each hour. this storm has strengthened dramatically. it's really caught a lot of people here by surprise. some of the people originally planning on riding it out decided at the last minute to make their evacuation. still the worst is yet to come in the next four to five hours. we have already heard from local police who have said that for the next few hours
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they will not be answering emergency calls, the winds are simply too high to go out. can you see it is pretty much a ghost land around here right now. we have guests well into hurricane stage. we are not seeing any branches nap off from trees. we are not seeing structural damage to the building as of yet. that is likely to change in the coming hours. keep in mind what a category 4 storm means. it means large trees will be uprooted or snapped. there will be major damage to well-built homes. so we could see a lot of homes without roofs or exterior walls over the next 24 hours. this was still, perhaps, 30 inches of rain ahead. tucker, i'm going to toss it back to you. >> tucker: steve harrigan i don't know how you keep talking in that be careful. my gosh. steve harrigan in texas. texas lieutenant governor dan patrick in houston. biggest population center in
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the path of this storm. lieutenant governor, thanks for joining us tonight. are you ready for this? >> we are ready for it although i will tell you, tucker, what makes this storm unusual is that it grew so big so fast. i mean, over last weekend i was down in galveston and it was sunny and it was looking like a tropical storm over the yucatan that would go into mexico and then a tropical storm even as late as monday or early tuesday. and then it turned into it ferocious storm now a category 4. but our state is ready. our local counties and our cities are as ready as they can be. but the size of the storm, tucker, as rick just said, covering an area houston to corpus, for example is about 200 miles. we will still have strong winds here and we will still have by the time this ends, potentially wednesday or nurse thursday over 30 inches of rain in houston. >> tucker: what does that mean for houston? houston is enormous spread out city. 30 inches of rain, what happens? >> we have tremendous flooding as we are very low
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lieinlying city concrete. largest city in the country we will have a lot of flooding. we deal with that but, this will be unprecedented. we have neighborhoods that are never flooded before and levels we haven't seen. tucker, in this area of where the storm surge will be on the coast, there are over 225,000 homes. there is a company called core logic that has done an analysis that we could have close to $40 billion in damage. 232,000 hosms just along the coast. and then hundreds of thousands of homes in the area between the coast and san antonio and austin and houston. so you are looking at big try angle. areas as far away as waco, texas may have 40 mile-per-hour winds and 5 to 6 inches of rain. this is going to be unprecedented storm for the country and particularly texas. tucker, as you know, we are the center for refineries and oil and natural gas production. our refineries about 30 will be closed down.
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about half of the petroleum oil refineries will be closed. natural gas will be shut down. so that will have a dramatic impact on the country. simply because the storm is not just going to go through as rick said. it's going to stay with us maybe until thursday, if you can imagine. >> tucker: that will effect energy prices as you suspect. you said this storm came out of the middle of nowhere. most people were not thinking about this storm four days ago. have you been able to evacuate those areas? are they gone. >> no, they are not. unfortunately those who day. we are very concerned about them. we don't want to send out first responders. there will be a window where you can't go and help people. we did have an evacuation in several counties around the coast, mandatory. others were voluntary. even i believe exrirps was corpus christi was voluntary. i was in the grocery store myself yesterday picking up water. people were coming up to me and saying dan, what's the water for? they weren't aware of the
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storm. this literally has come out of nowhere in about two days. so we are concerned about them. lock, we have -- our first responders, our police, our fire, our national guard, they are the best at water rescue, roof top rescue, tree top rescue. i mean, we have done this unfortunately too many times. but, at this scale we have not. but governor be a bought has been on top of this for the last several days. we will be ready, i understanding the president plans to come down here sometime early this week. we are working with fema already. we will take this on with a texas size effort for a texas size storm. and this is when. >> tucker: i believe it. >> when people come together, tucker, when a time when our country is divided many ways, this is when everybody comes together in texas and helps each other. that's what we'll do street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood, county by county and all up and down texas from the coast of san antonio to austin and houston and beyond. >> tucker: knowing the state, i believe it.
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thank you for joining us, i appreciate it? >> thank you, tucker. thank you for focusing on texas tonight. we thank you. >> tucker: of course. timothy march marshall is chasing that hurricane. he joins us on the phone. timothy marshall, can you hear me? >> yes, tucker, i can. >> tucker: where are you? >> i'm just north of rockport on route 35. the outer road. and is it is quite windy here. racing by like a time laps movie. we get white out conditions occasionally. power poll poles started of going down about an hour ago. a lot of power outages. people will to deal with that for days and maybe even weeks. we just are getting another squall now. the show is yet to come. we still have the eye wall offshore. so, another hour or two with that wind things are going to go really down hill. hill. >> tucker: so you are doing this obviously because this ask what. do you the lieutenant governor saying he hoped
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people would be gone from that area. do you see residents of where you are? are they leaving? are they hunkering down? >> i saw a whole line of cars leaving this morning and i'm out here now and there is nobody out here. i'm just by myself. i think we may have lost contact. >> no. i'm here. we're just getting these really strong gusts that are occasionally birds are just going sideways. they can't fly. just occasionally we get these white out conditions here. we're going to lose cell service soon. >> tucker: i bet you are. look, if you can call us later, i would be grateful. call the producers anyway. i hope you are okay. >> oh, yeah. >> timothy marshall driving through the hurricane. good to talk to you tonight. thank you. fox news reporter henry is in surf side beach, texas
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right now. there she is. she joins us. lindsey, what do you see? >> i can't hear anything. >> tucker: lindsey, can you hear me? the storm has affect our electronics like nothing else. lindsey henry, can you hear me? >> >> tucker: that connection seems to have gone down. we will be back to that stay with us as we track this hurricane as we will for the duration of the hour and the evening. hurricane harvey barreling towards texas. also ahead, nfl players are expressing their contempt for america by sitting out the national anthem. now the naacp is getting involved. we will talk to one of its leaders coming up. ♪ ♪ can i give it to you straight? that airline credit card you have... it could be better. it's time to shake things up. with the capital one venture card, you get double miles on
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>> tucker: this is a fox news alert. a lot going on tonight. president trump has granted presidential pardon to joe arpaio the former sheriff of maricopa county where phoenix is criminal content for disregard ago court order that called on him to stop detaining illegal immigrants. sheriff arpaio earned reputation for the tough conditions of the maricopa county jail and campaigns against illegal immigration. ararpaio was an early supporter of president trump. we have more on that story as details come in. we continue to follow tonight's other breaking news hurricane harvey now a hurricane 4 storm bearing down on the texas coast you saw steve harrigan almost swept away by it we have more live coverage coming up. right now though we are two weeks into the nfl preseason many players are already
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sitting out the national anthem. their grievance america itself. this week protesters met outside the nfl headquarters in new york to express outrage over the league's systemic racism keeping collin kaepernick unsigned and out of a job. protesters had lots of fervour, watch. >> we are here because we believe collin kaepernick deserves a job. today it's time for the nfl to take a stand. >> no justice. >> no peace. >> no racist. >> police. >> when i say nfl, you say what the hell. >> nfl. >> what the hell. >> nfl? >> what the hell. >> it's political for the nfl not to give collin kaepernick a job. >> tucker: now the naacp wants in on the action and threatening a possible boycott of the league if they can't get a meeting with the nfl commissioner to discuss kaepernick's status. griggs with the naacp chapter involved in the boycott discussions and he joins us tonight. mr. greg, thanks for coming on.
5:16 pm
>> thanks for having me, tucker. >> tucker: so have you a league that is 70% african-american. 70% of the players are black as compared to about 13% of the population so clearly there is no racism in hiring. have you a guy who signed a contract in 2014 for like $126 million. collected 39 million of that. just on the basis of those facts alone, it's hard to see how collin kaepernick of 29 is a victim of racism. tell me how he is. >> well, considering that is he the 17th best quarterback in the league and a league theme ploys well over 90 quarterbacks there is no reason for him to not have a job at this point. yes, he did opt out of his contract and decided to take his talents to another team. but the fact that, again, only 16 other quarterbacks have a higher quarterback rating than collin kaepernick speaks a lot to what's going on with the nfl and the reason why we believe this is an issue of race. >> tucker: okay. now maybe the honors are making a poor decision in
5:17 pm
not picking up collin kaepernick. i'm not qualified to assess that and i doubt you are either. what makes you suspect it's racial? again, the league is 70% black. if anything, it seems like it might be able to use a little diversity. i mean, that's not -- i mean, how is that racism? i'm honestly confused. >> well, the issue is with the ownership. and, again, there are no owners that are african-american. there is one owner that's a person of color. so you have 32 teams, 32 owners who we believe are acting in a way that goes against putting a good product on the field. if it's about ability and the ability to win games, and to produce on the field, collin kaepernick's stats speak for themselves. again, his quarterback rating shows he is the 17th best quarterback in the league. there is no reason he should not be able to get training camp invite to be able to show his talents on the field. >> tucker: okay. so he singsd for $126 million before. how much do you think he should sign for this time? >> i'm not sure. i'm not qualified to answer
5:18 pm
that question. i'm qualified enough to know that his quarterback rating, again, rates him the 17th best quarterback in the league. he threw 16 touchdowns, four interceptions. he had 90 quarterback rating. there are quarterbacks who have a job like eli manning, quarterbacks like philip rivers who have far less quarterback rating last year alone that have jobs, have starting jobs. >> tucker: again, neither of success a coach or talent scout. let me ask you a question if the owners are racist, why are 70% of their employees black? i mean, wouldn't they not want to hire black people if they are racist and pay them hundreds of millions of dollars? >> this is about talent. and again his talent speaks for itself. if there is no other reason other than talent that's keeping him off the field. that's a question better asked to the owners. >> tucker: the question i want ask you. i got it he is a great player and all this stuff somehow they are racist. >> that's what talent and
5:19 pm
that's what the nfl is about. it's about putting a good product on the field. >> tucker: right. so you represent the naacp. here's mile question. >> yes, i'm the vice president of naacp atlanta. >> tucker: over 70% of black children are born out of wedlock this year is that a bigger problem or smaller problem than collin kaepernick getting another 126-million-dollar contract? because i don't hear you saying anything about that. >> well, first off, if you google me, you will see the work i do in the african-american community here in atlanta. so a question like 70% of the african-american children being born out of wedlock. >> tucker: seems like that's. >> bait. >> tucker: it's not a bait it's a fact. >> what is the rate in atlanta? i live in atlanta, georgia. so you could tell me. >> tucker: i don't know. here you are sucking up to a guy who just signed 126-million-dollar contract. i think in a country of 320 million you could find someone who is actually the victim of racism or oppression. but this guy, who is 29 years old and has more money than god, he is the victim? i guess that's what i'm
5:20 pm
saying. there are a lot of people who might need your help. how is kaepernick one of them? is he paying you? i assume you are getting money out of it? >> first off, i'm not getting any money. it's about not any paid protest. >> tucker: i don't believe that. >> this is not about a narrative you are going to spin. this is about talent. it's about the nfl. it's about the nfl needing to answer the question why the 17th best quarterback in the league is out of a job right now. if it's about talented, if it's about talent, you are needing to answer the talent question. >> tucker: my last question. do you feel that you are devaluing any of your moral authority to the extent your organization has any left, by taking your time and energy defending 29-year-old millionaires against fake accusations of racism? >> okay. again, we are not losing any of our moral authority to do anything. we are not going to get into name calling or debasing anyone. we are talking facts. and the facts are clear. he is the 17th best quarterback in the league.
5:21 pm
>> tucker: i got it? >> no real reason why he is not on a team right now. >> tucker: all right. >> again we are sending a strong message to the nfl. mr. goddle has gotten a letter. if he decides not to meet with us, then we will take appropriate actions after that. i appreciate the opportunity being on your show. >> tucker: thanks, i appreciate it, too. >> thank you, tucker. have a great day. >> tucker: you, too. one of the worst hurricanes in decades set to make landfall over texas. a live report on that storm coming up next. because only your authorized mercedes-benz dealer has the skilled technicians to certify that your pre-owned vehicle is up to mercedes-benz standards. visit the certified pre-owned sales event, now through august 31st and learn more about our unlimited mileage warranty - and how your confidence can be as unlimited as your mileage. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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>> tucker: this is a fox news alert. category 4 hurricane harvey still barreling towards texas right now. still trying to calculate when it will make landfall. rick reichmuth has been watching the storm from the fox extreme weather center. have you watched hurricaning closely for many, many years. put this in to context for us. how big is this compared to other famous hurricanes? >> rick: easy to confuse it big versus strong in terms of hurricanes. big vs. strong. kind of two different things. this is average size hurricane. really strong hurricane. in fact, the strongest hurricane to hit texas since 161 to give you an indication. also the strongest anywhere in the u.s. in the last 123 years. a category 4 storm now. i would say it's amazing how good the national hurricane center has been. both in the direction of the storm and intensity. when we saw these forecasts
5:26 pm
of these category 3, category 4 couple of days ago when whens it was barely a tropical storm, you thought how is that possible? it has been really spot on here. the center of this storm, a lot of times they interact with land and begin to break apart a little bit. looks like a doughnut. visibly a perfect shape of a hurricane. and the outer eye wall getting right here about to make landfall. we talk about landfall and that landfall technically means where the center point of the hurricane, so the center where the lowest pressure is crosses land. then have you a landfall. so that's this when it gets across land then we will call it landfall. i will tell you what, right here we have winds about 115 miles per hour. right now we have had them reported 110 miles per hour. you get an idea, the impacts are wide. the biggest problem is it doesn't go anywhere. it's slowed down in forward speed. the next day or so it moves inland maybe about 40 miles or.
5:27 pm
so it looks kind of ugly. it's going to pull back here and we probably have about a six day event where this storm is here. some models, tucker, now indicating this thing completely dissipates over texas. all of that moisture in the air falling right there in that spot in texas, which will cause catastrophic flooding. i don't see any way other than that for this to go down. which is bothersome. sometimes have you a way out of these storms. can go one way or the other and that helps. this isn't one of those storms. >> tucker: most powerful sinc1961. joining us from blessing, texas, how is it matt? >> tucker, this town is between houston and corpus christi. it's being described as ground zero as some of the strongest portion of the storms expected to hit here. the weather is changing by the minute. strong consistent wind and rain coming from all different directions. you can see this town behind me, looks like most towns in
5:28 pm
this area almost entirely evacuated, ghost-town looking. this is matta gore are a county. mandatory evacuation issued at midnight last night and the last bus to leave this county left at 1:30 this afternoon. the message from emergency officials now is if you are here, you are unfortunately basically on your own. we spoke to the mayor in a small town just a short distance over. and he says that power is already starting to go out on these areas. unfortunately if you stuck around, you are potentially facing days without power. there was a lot of standing water in the streets already. this is starting to look like most of the areas in southeastern texas here. a lot of evacuations. these towns looking like ghost towns and just very few people wandering around here, tucker. >> tucker: matt, it looks like a movie set. it's amazing. be safe. thanks for that. >> thank you. >> tucker: the states of texas and louisiana already declared states of emergency. hundreds of national guard troops were activated in anticipation of landfall of this hurricane. how will they respond to it? lieu tenants general russell
5:29 pm
would know. you certainly remember him from 12 years ago when he commanded the joint task force at hurricane katrina in new orleans and the gulf coast and he joins us tonight. general, thanks a lot for coming on. give us a sense of how federal forces and state forces are going to be responding right now to this storm. >> well, the federal forces will only be used in the federal troops would only be used to fill requirements that the national guard, right now post katrina there has been a lot of emphasis in the national guard as always been the first for the governors to use. but, the national guard through neutral agreements with sister states will call in assets such as helicopters that they need. and special units that they need. but this is a national guard will have the lead. then for those things that they need, if they need a ship they will go to dod and ship will be sent from the navy. or if they need extra wide
5:30 pm
body aircraft to movie heavy equipment. this is the national guard working with the county and state officials to do search and rescue, which is the first phase of the response to hurricane, tucker. >> tucker: so how does -- is it mostly done by air, the search and rescue? >> well, use all assets both air and ground. the winds will be restrictive maybe for days from using helicopters. most of our helicopter crews can operate about 25, 30 mile-per-hour wind. as you just saw a minute ago, that storm is going to continue to turn. and the winds may exceed 25 or 35 miles per hour for days on end. which would put us to a more restrictive use to ground search and rescue teams in swift water boats having to go in to rescue people. this is going to make it even more dynamic because texas is big and this is a big long coast line.
5:31 pm
and we have got a lot of isolated communities there. with surge water going up to 7 to 12 feet combined with a couple foot of rainwater, tucker. >> tucker: it's been a long time since we have had something like this. general, thanks a lot for that it's good to see you. >> have a good day. >> tucker: you too. we'll have more live coverage of hurricane harvey in just a moment. ♪ but, first, another fox news alert, north korea has launched what appears to be multiple ballistic missiles into the ocean off its east coast. the united states pacific command says the north koreas attempted to launch three short range ballistic missiles, you a three of them they say failed. the launch comes during joingted u.s. south korean military training on the peninsula. now to the southern poverty law center, a left wing attack group masquerading as a civil rights organization. they professionally slur mainstream conservatives and
5:32 pm
christians calling them all kinds of names. so you won't be surprised to learn and by the way names that are taken up by the rest of the press and reported as fact. you won't be surprised to learn that a florida based christian missionary group named d. james kennedy ministries made their list of hate groups like so many being tarred this way they are fighting back. they have sued them for deaf testimony immigration. dr. wright is the president of the ministries and he joins us tonight. doctor, thanks a lot for coming on tonight. >> thanks for having me on, tucker. >> tucker: so they have lumped you in to a category as a hate group. what effect has this had on your ministry? >> >> first of all, it's not a lot of fun to jury name listed right alongside neo nazis and the ku klux klan and skin heads. the effect is hard to measure. it lowers the confidence that donors have to support nonprofit organizations like ours. >> tucker: that's right. >> when they label us a hate group. we have even had some of our
5:33 pm
long time donors call and say what's wrong with you guys? what happened to you? we have had to explain that it's really just a label. it's a label that they use to try to see you lens your viewpoint. it's nothing more than the old fashioned ad homonym attack that you learn in debated tactics that if you don't want to deal with ideas, you shut them up by calling them names and because of what you said a minute ago, it's worked simply because the media, the mainstream media in the main has not called them out on their own capricious and fallacious definition of what constitutes hate. >> tucker: without explaining it. pretty handy test for those at home. if you are trying to determine whether the media outlet you are reading and watch something legitimate. if they repeat propaganda by the southern poverty law center that is by definition propaganda. do you wake up and find out you are part of a hate group? >> that's exactly right.
5:34 pm
they never interviewed us. they've they never questioned whatever positions that we took that they considered to be hateful. just placed us on their list. and when all the violence took place in charlottesville in recent times, all of the sudden all the same news media were talking here decided it was time to publish the list of all the hate groups everywhere. and wouldn't you know it, we are number 1 in florida according to them. so, you know, tucker, enough is enough. and when people are spreading lies that are ultimately damaging, when you are being categorized as a hate group simply because of your subscription to the historic christian faith enough is enough. so we decided to file suit. this is clearly david and goliath. we are not confused about which one we are. they have $300 million in offshore bank accounts and we have somewhat less than that in ours. there is a rightness about this. there is unfairness about this. so that's why we filed suit. >> tucker: to lump you in with nazis and you feel
5:35 pm
sorry for their donors. i think a lot of their donors feel like they are fighting back against the nazis. who wouldn't want to do that. they don't understand how deeply corrupted and dishonest and loathe some these people are. good luck in your efforts to clear your name. >> thank you, tucker. thank you. >> tucker: the democratic party is trying to flip the republican strong hold of orange county, california. what's their message, they are alleging a russian conspiracy, of course. orange county congressman dana roar bacher is the subject of those charges. he joins us here next. breaking news, the most serious hurricane to hit the u.s.s. in more than a decade will soon make landfall in texas. it's the most powerful storm in texas in more than 50 years. a live report straight ahead.e things that are built to last.
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5:40 pm
thrillers, democrats are launched a website that features dana roar bacher's picture on a pin board connected to various russians including vladimir putin himself. also on the board are a few people ho wholly unrelated to russia like jack abraham notify. also recognize blackwater founder black prince who came on the show earlier this week. one person on the pin board miss something wikileaks founder julian assange who recently met with roar bacher in london where he has been for a number of years. congressman roar bacher joins us to sort this all out. >> thank you for spreading the truth. i just heard your interview with that religious leader from florida. thank god we have got people like you, tucker, spreading the word about the lies that they are confronted from the left wing in this country. >> tucker: especially the southern poverty law center which hides behind this shield of righteousness but is in fact utterly corrupt. >> across the board now liberal left that is the
5:41 pm
general tactic they are using across the board. i'm an example of that allegation is that you are somehow doing the bidding of vladimir putin. how is that in orange county this year? >> for one thing let me just noted that i have a background as you are aware, i was president reagan's speech writer. i have been a long history of fighting the soviet union and communism. and no, the fact is that i believe that we should try to have peace with russia. i'm certainly not in any way trying to compromise the truth or anything that would put our country second to what russia everything i do in terms of i am the chairman of the committee in congress that overseas our relations with russia. everything i do there and in my personal life and such is done for what's good for america i happen to think that working with the russians now to help defeat radical islam is a good idea. so they end up calling me
5:42 pm
names and trying to cast aspersions on my patriotism. >> tucker: so they are attacking you for meeting with julian assange about 10 days ago in london at the ecuadorian embassy where he lives. and some are saying wait a second didn't julian assange damage security by his activities. how do you respond to that? >> i think that julian assange's activities they balance out there. are some things that i wish he would not have been permitted to be made public. but it is also important that we don't have secret government here in the united states. and the vast majority of things that he has released have just showing that the government had overreached its legitimate authority and was exposing that not only here but throughout the world of course. so, yeah. i have got some trepidations but mostly i think he has done a great service to this country by exposing our government when it was going beyond the bounds of
5:43 pm
legitimacy. >> tucker: far beyond the bounds in some cases. you asked him directly did the information taken from the dnc web account did, that come from russia and he said no, it did not. do you take him at his word? >> he was -- first of all, he was adamant that the russians played no role. this is a man that released the information. he should know and quite frankly there is a reason for him to be lying about it and there is every reason to know that the liberal left in this country had every reason to lie about it because they were trying to destroy a result last election when they lost to donald trump. and so -- this whole thing with the russians supposedly, would are responsible for these emails. this is a fraud.
5:44 pm
it's a con job. in order to negate what happened in the last election. >> tucker: do you think assange knows where that information came from, where those emails came from? >> yes, i do j do you have any guesses? >> yes. i would guess he knows he was provided that information a n. a certain way and now it was delivered to him and that that system would have negated any potential of having a russian hacking of the system. it probably had to be done by an inside download rather than the hacking of the overall system. if that's the case, the russians could never have done it period. >> tucker: unless they were working at the dnc. some day we will find out what happened and it will be interesting. thanks for coming on. we appreciate it. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: san francisco liberals used to stand up for free speech. they were famous for it. no longer. that city's mayor teamed up
5:45 pm
with nancy pelosi to shut down a free speech rally there, which was supposed to be going on tomorrow organizer of that rally joins us here next. hurricane harvey already slamming the gulf coast of texas. a live report on that is straight ahead from the scene. stay tuned.
5:46 pm
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♪ >> tucker: this show has just confirmed conclusively that sebastian gorka deputy assistant to the president has been -- well, he has resigned his position within the trump administration. in a blunt letter gorka complained that the officials who supported trump's campaign message have been quote internally countered, systematically removed or undermined in recent months. as an ally of steve bannon who was forced out of the
5:50 pm
administration last week, gorka had been the subject of widespread criticism from the president's political opponents and interventionists throughout washington. ♪ this is a fox news alert. one of many on tonight's show, hurricane harvey is barreling toward the texas coast still. the category 4 storm expected to make landfall in the next few hours. we are keeping track historically strong storm. a live report is just moments away. but, first, california democrats, including nancy pelosi have successfully shut down a free speech rally in the city of san francisco. it was scheduled for tomorrow. their efforts to malign the organizers as racists, alt right drummed up enough controversy for the organizer to call the event off. they are going to hold a press conference in place of their rally. helped organize all of this and he joins us tonight. so, joey, just to be totally clear, what was the pointed of this rally, the one you just canceled? >> the whole point of the rally was just to promote freedom, love, peace, bringing people together, moderate republicans,
5:51 pm
moderate democrats. it was about letting go of the politics and coming together on things we can all agree on. >> tucker: that sounds terrifying. i can understand why they wanted to shut it down. how did nancy pelosi and officials in california describe the event? >> they called it a white supremacist rally. and they went out of their way to bring in as many extremists as they could and get everything they could to get antifa riled up. they say they distant against hate and stand against violence but they never said anything against antifa. they never made any statement saying antifa is violent and hateful. so the situation was out of control. we felt like they were trying to incite a riot. our supporters would have to march through antifa to get into the rally. we felt like there was major players behind all of this going on and it was like out of our control. >> tucker: do you have white supremacist believes? are you espousing that ideology? there is some reason, in other words, that pelosi and the rest would be describing
5:52 pm
you as a fringe figure? a hater? >> well, i think that, you know, speaking about love a lot, you know, speaking about freedom. speaking about unity. for some reason that brings a lot of enemies in the establishment in d.c. these politicians, they make their career based off of dividing the nation, dividing the voters so that we fight. the truth is if we came together -- if moderates came together, we would see through their lives, we would work together and get rid of these career politicians and people would eventually realize that nancy pelosi is no different than like john mccain. she is just another politician, a corrupt politician taking advantage of her constituents. >> tucker: but also you're charging someone who is in effect inspiring mobs to threaten people for saying things they don't like. >> yeah. absolutely. so she is basically trying to work up san francisco to get them angry and pissed off so they would be violent i guarantee you so there would be violent. that whole thing was a trap.
5:53 pm
christie phillips original rally. we feel like she wanted there to be violence and then she would blame it on us and she would blame it on so-called trump supporters or conservatives even though a lot of us are moderate. we weren't going to give it to her. we are not going to give to the mayor. we are not going to give it to establishment figures trying to shut down freedom rallies all over the country. >> tucker: it's unbelievable. good luck at your press conference tomorrow, joey. thanks for coming on tonight. >> thank you. >> tucker: up next, we have a live report on the hurricane now a category 4. we are not overstating the severity of this storm. it is really historic. we will be back with details on it in just a minute.
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5:57 pm
>> tucker: fox news alert. hurricane harvey now a category 4 storm. big and dangerous. it seemed to make landfall in the state of texas. monitoring for since the beginning, rick reichmuth.
5:58 pm
>> the worst of the wins, something you need to point out. the national hurricane center, we know uncertainty has become famous over the last decade or so. we see the big yellow bob, that is the cone right now. you never want to look at the center of it but tomorrow night, still a category 1 hurricane. because we have 130-mile-an-hour winds, we are talking almost 24 hours for we have hurricane force winds on the east coast, south east coast. and it stalls out. we go toward sunday and monday. almost back towards the same spot. tuesday into wednesday and thursday. you get the idea it's with us for a very long time. that is why you're so concerned about the flooding. we could have a disaster on our hands. you factor in the wind. the storm, the satellite imagery is spectacular.
5:59 pm
you don't want to see this but take a look. very incredible center of the storm right now. moving on shore. just to the east of aransas. in the rockport area. they are going to get pummeled in the next hour. this is the eye wall. padre island's seashore area. it will be pummeled, landscape will be changed by the time this is done. from storm surge, wind, and this very long, prolonged. lack of rain that will last 5-6 days. >> tucker: really tough. rick, we appreciate it. high rains in corpus christi. broadcasting, steve harrigan nearly blew into the gulf earlier. you missed it. watch. to speak of the real danger in the storm, it's not going to goy for the next 48 hours. if you can't. get to safe places.
6:00 pm
away from the flooding. you have to go more than 100 miles inland. >> tucker: we wish steve locke as he continues to cover the storm. stay tuned for live coverage throughout the night for hurricane harvey. "the five" is next. >> this is a fox news alert. i am kimberly guilfoyle and this is "the five." >> kimberly: soon making landfall on the texas coast, let's bring in steve harrigan, covering the storm from corpus christi headquarters. >> kimberly, we've been watching these conditions of the past two hours. we already have hurricane force winds. category 4 storm. well-made houses and large trees are snapping. here in corpus christi.


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